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Local/State News for week ending 11/21/2009

Detective Arrests Man for
Sex Acts with His Two
Minor Daughters

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Detective Todd Sellitto, of the Crimes Against Children Unit of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office, has arrested Gerardo Rodriguez, 52, of 805A 66th Avenue West, Bradenton.

Gerardo Rodriguez

According to a report released by Detective Sellitto, between the approximate years of 1998 and 2003 Gerardo Rodriguez sexually abused and violated minor children by engaging in sexual activity with both his minor daughters, namely A.R., and M.R.

Rodriguez allegedly had engaged in having anal intercourse with A.R. who, at the time of the incident, would have been less than 12 years of age. The victim describes the incident to have occurred in her bedroom at the above location in Manatee County.

A.R. explained that Rodriguez entered her room and laid in bed with her. He removed A.R.'s clothing and positioned her on her stomach, then proceeded to have intercourse in the form of anal sex with A.R. The victim describes that the incident is forever in her memory and that it hurt badly.

A.R. further explained that Gerardo Rodriguez used to force her to drink beer and that he would force she and her sister M.R. to take showers with him. Then Gerardo Rodriguez would touch their breasts and genitals.

Furthermore, A.R. recalls on many occasions that her father (Gerardo Rodriguez) would reach under her panties and penetrate her vagina with his fingers.

A.R. recalls being sexually abused as far back as when she was approximately 8 years of age and said that the abuse stopped around middle school age.

M.R. only recalls taking showers with her father (Gerardo Rodriguez) and stated that Gerardo Rodriguez would touch her breasts and genitals and stated to her "you need to be prepared for the future."

On one occasion when she was approximately 11-13 years of age, M.R. said that he had touched her vagina with his penis, but did not penetrate.

M.R. also stated that Gerardo Rodriguez one time removed her shirt and kissed and sucked her breasts. M.R. said that her father (Gerardo Rodriguez) also made her drink beer.

M.R. also remembers the incident with A.R. and witnessed Gerardo Rodriguez enter the bedroom and lay down with A.R., but couldn't see much more due to it being dark.

M.R. stated that the abuse stopped when she was around 13-14 years of age.

Both victims are scared of Gerardo Rodriguez and both have moved out of Manatee County and do not have contact with their father due to the past abuse.

Based on the totality of information gathered via interviews and investigative techniques Gerardo Rodriguez was arrested and interviewed.

Gerardo Rodriguez was transported to the Manatee County Jail. Bond is to be set by a judge, the report concluded.

Rodriguez was charged with Capital Sexual Battery (Sodomy), Victim Under 12; and Sexual Battery of a Victim 12-18 Years of Age.

He remained in the Manatee County Jail without bail, as of Thursday.

Mother, Father Arrested for
Child Neglect After They Were
Found Staggering, Child Crying

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Zeinah Maria Gollsneider, 23, and Kevin G. Gollsneider, 28, both of the 100 block of 41st Street West, Bradenton.

Above, L to R, Zeinah and Kevin Gollsneider

According to the arrest report, on Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, at about 11:30 p.m., neighbors of the Gollsneiders observed a 4-year-old girl crying and asking for help because her mother and father would not wake up. She was scared that the house was going to catch on fire.

Both Zeinah and Kevin had passed out for about 30 minutes. Zeinah was passed out in the house and Kevin was passed out in a chair outside in front of the house.

EMS was called and upon arrival one of the medics talked to deputies, who were also called. The medic said when he went to the house to check on the parents, he could smell something burning from within the house. Zeinah told him that she was cooking egg plant.

As a deputy approached the house, Kevin Gollsneider was walking down the driveway, staggering back and forth, almost falling. He walked across the street to a trailer, allegedly to answer a phone call regarding a school calling for the little girl. The deputy asked who the name he used was and Kevin said it was their dog. The deputy asked whose dog and Kevin said it was his and his wife's.

The deputy had Kevin walk back to the house. He staggered back to the house, the report said.

The deputy asked if he had a daughter and Kevin said yes. The deputy asked if she was in the house and Kevin said no, she was at her grandmother's.

As the deputy and Kevin walked back into their driveway, Zeinah came staggering out of the house, looking for her daughter. She staggered back and forth, almost falling down in the driveway.

While waiting for a second EMS coach to arrive to transport Zeinah, the deputy asked her if she had a dog. She said she didn't.

Both Kevin and Zeinah were arrested without incident.

They both admitted to taking numerous pain medication for their medical problems, "due to their medical conditions and health risks," the report said.

The were initially transported to Manatee Memorial Hospital to be evaluated, then they were taken to the Manatee County Jail.

While at the hospital, a drug screen test was conducted by a registered nurse. While helping Zeinah undress, a small baggie of marijuana fell out of Zeinah's pants and onto the bed. It was seized by the deputy.

Zeinah and Kevin Gollsneider were each charged with Child Neglect. Zeinah was additionally charged with Possession of Marijuana.

They remain in the Manatee County Jail on a $15,000 bail bond each.

The child was placed with her grandmother, at least temporarily.

Man Arrested for Striking
Other Man, 31, for Riding
'Tiny Motor Bike' Fast

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Michael R. Shanteau, 45, of 1114 27th Street West, Bradenton.

Michael R. Shanteau

According to the arrest report, on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009, at about 1:30 p.m., the victim, Terry Beckham, 31, was riding his tiny motor bike up and down the street.

Michael Shanteau's mother told Terry to slow down on the motor bike. This turned into a verbal dispute.

At some point, Michael became involved by getting on his motorcycle and going after Terry.

A verbal dispute began with Terry and Michael near Michael's house.

The dispute became physical and Michael struck Terry with a tire iron, causing a small scratch and redness on the back of Terry's right knee. Terry refused EMS.

A deputy was unable to located any independent witnesses. The tire iron was no longer located in the back of Michael's pickup truck, as Terry said it was.

While trying to obtain independent witness statements, the deputy was told that Terry rides the scooter up and down all day, getting complaints from neighbors.

Michael was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon.

As of Thursday afternoon, he remained in the Manatee County Jail without bail, according to the sheriff's website.

Deputies Arrest Man for
Possession of Marijuana
With Intent to Sell, Theft

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Albert Dale Vallier, 29, a homeless man.

Albert Dale Vallier

According to the arrest report, on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009, at about 11 p.m., a deputy and a detective were parked in the parking lot of Circle K at 904 30th Avenue East, Bradenton, when the store clerk approached them and said that a man, later identified as Vallier, was asking for bags in which to place an item.

Vallier approached the deputies carrying a brown box with plastic bags inside. He was asked what was in the box and Vallier replied it was a radio.

Deputies were also told that Vallier smelled of dope.

At that point, Vallier was asked to remove items from his pockets. From his right front pocket, Vallier removed two small pink baggies of marijuana. Vallier was placed under arrest.

One of the deputies searched Vallier and found another clear plastic bag in his front right pocket. The bag contained 28 pink baggies of marijuana, weighing 35 grams (over an ounce, which is 28 grams).

Vallier had a radio in his possession which he said he took from inside a car, the report said.

Vallier was charged with Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell and Theft for not reporting to law enforcement he had found a radio.

He remains in the Manatee County Jail on a bail bond of $2,620.

Police Vehicle Damaged;
Suspect Sought by BPD

BRADENTON, Florida [NMT} -- A Bradenton police vehicle sustained some damage Monday night, Nov. 16, 2009, when a motorist intentionally rammed another vehicle with his vehicle and caused a chain reaction.

Guy Furnell Freeman, Jr.

Police say Guy Furnell Freeman Jr., 24, intentionally rammed his red Buick Riviera into the vehicle of an acquaintance who was parked at the Bradenton Police Department around 11:20 p.m. Monday.

The impact caused the victim’s vehicle to strike a sign, causing it to fall onto a parked police vehicle. The suspect then fled the scene. The victim was not injured but her vehicle sustained significant damage.

The victim had previously agreed to meet with Mr. Freeman, but only in the presence of police.

Mr. Freeman has been charged with Aggravated Battery.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Detective James Curulla of the Bradenton Police Department Detective Division at (941) 932-9300, ext. 311, or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Manatee Sheriff Seeks Suspect
Involved in Credit Card Fraud

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office is asking the public's assistance in location a man involved in credit card fraud. The subject pictured below used a credit card listed among property stolen in a recent vehicle burglary.

The subject used the stolen credit card at the Wal-Mart Supercenter located at 2911 53rd Avenue East (SR70), Bradenton, on Tuesday November 10th, 2009, at about 3:45 a.m.

The subject left in a small grey car.

On the same day, the subject returned to the SR70 Wal-Mart, at approximately 5:30 a.m., and stole unspecified merchandise.

The subject was observed leaving in a Maroon PT Cruiser.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011, ext. 2539, or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Ace's Lounge Victim of Burglary,
Attempted Theft of Safe

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported a burglary at Ace's Lounge, 4343 Palma Sola Blvd., Bradenton, on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009, at about 3:30 a.m.

The report said an unknown suspect gained entry into Ace’s Lounge via an unlocked window. The suspect was able to get onto an overhang for the outside bar and gain access to the unlocked window.

The suspect went to the lower bar area to a storage room where the safe is, where he/she attempted to cut the safe from the floor.

The dust created set off the fire alarm and it appears the suspect fled prior to the arrival of the Fire Dept. They were checking the building and set off the burglar alarm.

Upon arrival, Deputy Kvin found that an attempt had been made to steal the safe. The hinges had been damaged during the attempt to cut them and the floor around the safe was cut.

Nothing appears missing at this time.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Charlotte Sheriff Arrests Five in
Port Charlotte CVS Robbery

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Charlotte County Sheriff’s detectives arrested five people in connection with a Wednesday afternoon robbery in the CVS store at U.S. 41 and Midway Blvd., Port Charlotte.

CCSO received the call at 3:50 p.m. after a 45-year-old woman said she was held, choked and threatened to be killed in the store restroom if she didn’t give her purse to the robbers. The woman said two young girls and a man ran out of the restroom with her purse and out the front door. Deputies and detectives converged on the area and were able to determine that three teenagers and two adults were involved in the planned robbery.

Detectives were able to view an in-store video which showed the three teen robbers enter the store, and follow the woman into the restroom where the robbery occurred. It also showed them come out of the restroom; one had a purse, and all three exited the front doors of the store. Quick detective work located the three robbers and two accomplices who drove the trio to the CVS as part of the plan.

All five arrested are from Port Charlotte. Charged with Robbery were Danielle M. Catania, 15, 21488 Kenelm Ave.; Angel R. Crawford, 17, and Joel Lee Miley (aka Slick Jo Jo), both of 22333 Midway Blvd. Charged with being Principal in the First Degree to the robbery were John Joseph Diggins, 22, 2295 Easy St., and Christopher Dewayne Feliciano, 21, 22311 LaSalle Rd.

As a result of the investigation, detectives learned that Catania called the female “victim” then gave the phone to Crawford who arranged the deal to buy 30 Roxicodone pills for $360. They all agreed to meet at CVS and do the exchange in the restroom. Detectives have not released the name of the “victim” and charges at this time are pending further investigation.

Catania and Crawford were transferred to the Department of Juvenile Justice center in Ft. Myers; Miley, Diggins and Feliciano are being held in the Charlotte County Jail.

Cops: Boy, 14, Stabbed
Victim 30 Times

LAKELAND, Florida [NMT/WKMG] -- A 14-year-old with a lengthy rap sheet was arrested Tuesday on charges he stabbed a man 30 times and fled from deputies, Orlando television station WKMG reported.

Noel Cruz-Diego

Noel Cruz-Diego was charged with Attempted Murder and Home Invasion Robbery related to the stabbing of Daniel Granton, 55, in the Wabash area of Lakeland.

Polk County deputies responded to a burglary call at a home on Parker Street late Tuesday night. While looking for the burglar they found Cruz-Diego, who matched the victim's description, deputies said.

Deputies said Cruz-Diego fled on foot and around an hour later they received a call that another home was burglarized. Deputies found Granton at his Dawn Street home with more than 30 stab wounds.

A Sheriff's Office helicopter spotted Cruz-Diego in the neighborhood and he was confronted by deputies and officers from the Lakeland Police Department, deputies said.

Cruz-Diego did not respond to commands from officers and was taken down by a K-9 officer, deputies said. The teen suffered a bite to his buttocks, but still resisted arrest by punching a deputy in the chest, deputies said.

The teen was taken into custody early Wednesday morning and deputies said he had Granton's wallet and blood on his clothes.

Granton was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Cruz-Diego was booked into the Juvenile Assessment Center in Bartow. He will make his first appearance on Thursday. He is charged with Attempted Murder, Home Invasion Robbery, Burglary, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest with Violence on a Law Enforcement Officer.

The Sheriff's Office said Cruz-Diego has been taken into custody or arrested nine previous times on 27 different charges dating back to 2007, WKMG said.

AT&T Offers Thanksgiving
Driving Safety Tips for
Text Messagers

NORTH PALM BEACH, Florida [NMT] -- ACU2NITE. OMW. Cant w8 2C u. These are just some of the text messages that will be sent by family and friends to each other as they travel for the Thanksgiving holiday. Every year, more than 30 million Americans take to the highways to gather around the family table for Thanksgiving, and the family-oriented celebrations that follow. That accounts for more than 80 percent of all holiday travel – including those who fly to see friends and family.

This year, AAA projects 38.4 million Americans will travel a distance of 50 miles or more away from home throughout Thanksgiving weekend, a 1.4 percent increase over last year when 37.8 million traveled for the holiday.

As this busy holiday travel season approaches, AT&T believes it is important to remind all drivers not to text and drive and is offering the following safe driver tips:

· Don’t text and drive. No text message is worth the distraction.

· Ask passengers to help by changing the CD or radio station, placing a cell phone call, or reading directions to you.

· If you don’t have a passenger, wait until you come to a complete stop at a red light or stop sign before changing the CD or radio station.

· If you need to make or take a call or respond to a text, wait until your trip is complete or pull over to do so.

· Never use your phone to take pictures, send and read messages, record video, or watch TV while driving.

· It’s best not to eat and drive at the same time. If you’re traveling with someone, take turns driving while the passenger eats.

· Avoid stressful or emotional conversations while driving.

· Use hands-free options or voice-activated dialing

· Don’t be a “rubbernecker.” Let your passengers do the sightseeing while you drive.

· Make safety your most important call. In the case of an emergency, a cell phone can be a very useful tool. Remember, dialing 911 is always a free call.

These tips are important for all drivers to remember, but especially young drivers. Parents of teens driving long distances this holiday – like home from college – who also subscribe to AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless™ can consider blocking some of their teen’s phone functionality, such as the time of day the phone can be used for messaging, web browsing or outbound calling. It’s important to note that 911 calls are always allowed and parents can set up “allowed numbers” so the teen can still call them or others parents deem appropriate. Once the teen arrives at his or her destination safely, parents can easily remove the restrictions. For more information, visit


~ Thursday's Local/State News ~

Bradenton Police, SWAT Team
Raid Bradenton Residence;
One Man Arrested

BRADENTON, Florida [NMT] -- The Bradenton Police Department Narcotics Unit, assisted by the BPD SWAT Team, raided a residence at 2120A 13th Street West at about 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009. NewsManatee photographer Charles Mills was there.

Above, 2120A 13th Street West, Bradenton
(Photo by Charles Mills, NewsManatee)

Acting on information, the SWAT Team, armed with a warrant, entered first, clearing the residence for narcotics detectives.

According to Captain Russell Tibbetts, of the Bradenton Police Department, one man was arrested.

Darnell M. Bundrage

He is Darnell M. Bundrage, 23 years old.

Bundrage was charged with Possession of Cocaine.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Bundrage was still incarcerated in the Manatee County Jail on a bail bond of $1,000.

Bradenton Police Arrest Man
For Armed Home Invasion
Robbery; Shot Fired

BRADENTON, Florida [NMT] -- Bradenton Police have arrested Robert Arias, 21, of 3103 9th Street West, Bradenton.

Robert Arias

According to the arrest report, on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, at about 8:20 p.m., Bradenton Police Officers were dispatched to a robbery with shot fired at 3910 34th Avenue West, Unit 7.

Upon arrival, the victim, Melissa Peterson, said while she was sitting in her garage, a green Volkswagen Jetta pulled up in front of her residence.

A man unknown to her, later known to be Robert Arias, jumped out of the passenger seat and proceeded to run up her driveway wearing a black ski mask and carrying a handgun.

As Arias approached Melissa, he pointed the handgun at her and said, "Give me everything."

Arias then snatched Melissa's purse, which was sitting next to her, and fled back to the waiting vehicle.

Melissa ran after him, and as she was running down the street toward Area, he stopped, lifted the ski mask off his face, turned around toward Melissa, pointed the gun at her and fired a shot in her direction. The bullet didn't strike Melissa. Arias kept going.

Arias and his vehicle were found shortly afterward at his residence and a felony arrest was conducted.

Melissa positively identified Arias as the robber.

Upon searching Arias' room in the trailer, detectives found pills that were in Melissa's purse, the purse and a firearm. The pills were identified as 110 Oxycontin pills and 60 Xanax pills.

Arias was charged with Armed Home Invasion Robbery.

He remains in the Manatee County Jail without bail.

Intoxicated Female Landlord
Arrested for Pushing Tenant

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Patricia King, 51, of 115th Street Northeast, Bradenton.

Patricia King

According to the arrest report, on Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, at about 4:45 p.m., Patricia pushed Teresa Sherill, a tenant, in the chest with both hands.

Teresa and Patricia, it seems, were involved in a heated argument because Teresa and her husband Randy Sherill could not pay rent for the last two months on the property that Patricia owns and lives on. The problem has been going on for the last two months, the report said.

On Monday, Patricia started drinking heavily early in the morning and was very intoxicated by 4 p.m.

Patricia came to Teresa's door and started pounding on it. Teresa opened the door and walked outside.

Patricia confronted Teresa about the money due. Randy stepped outside to prevent an incident and observed Patricia push his wife in the chest and was able to catch Teresa before she fell to the ground.

Patricia then went back into her house on the property.

When the deputy arrived, Patricia was still yelling and screaming inside her house.

Teresa was concerned that Patricia would be hostile towards her the rest of the night, due to her intoxicated state.

Patricia was arrested and charged with Battery.

As of Wednesday, she remained in the Manatee County Jail on a bail bond of $750.

Deputies Arrest Man on 2008
Warrant for Possession of

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Clarence Pinder, 33, of 1018 19th Street East, Bradenton.

Clarence Pinder

The arrest report said on September 5, 2008, while driving around, two investigators noticed Pinder toss down a bag into a garbage can.

They turned around and Pinder fled on foot.

One of the investigators went to the garbage can and looked inside. Sitting on top of the garbage was a plastic bag that contained several bags of marijuana, which was seized.

A check of the area for Pinder was done, to no avail.

Pinder was known to the investigators from prior dealings in the area.

A warrant was issued for Pinder's arrest.

Deputies finally caught up to Pinder on Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, and placed him under arrest.

Pinder was charged with Possession of Marijuana.

He has since posted a $5,000 bail bond and has been released from the Manatee County Jail.

Man Shot in Back by
Unknown Person

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported a shooting on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, at about 8:15 p.m., in the 5800 block of 5th Street East, Bradenton.

A sheriff's office report said Herman Cannon, 20, was riding his bike northbound on 5th Street East approaching 58th Avenue Drive East, when he heard a loud "pop"and was knocked off his bike.

He felt a burning sensation on his back and he went to his cousin’s house for help. She took him to Manatee Memorial Hospital.

The projectile appears to be a .22 caliber and was placed into property.

Herman was treated and released from Manatee Memorial Hospital with an injury that was not life-threatening.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Man Shot in Arm by
Unknown Person

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported a shooting on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, at about 4:25 p.m., in the 900 block of 51st Avenue Terrace East, Bradenton.

According to a sheriff's report, deputies were dispatched to the address in reference to shots fired.

Upon arrival, neighbors were stating that they witnessed a Hispanic male shooting at a group of four Black males who were standing at the end of 61st Avenue East.

While on scene, dispatch advised that the victim, Alex J. Jackson, 18, a Black male, had arrived at Manatee Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm.

The Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) responded to the hospital to interview the victim, who was treated and released from the hospital.

There are no arrests at this time; however, the investigation continues.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Full Scale DUI Checkpoint
This Coming Weekend
in Charlotte County

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Cameron reports, "The Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a full scale DUI checkpoint sometime during the upcoming weekend between Friday and Sunday, Nov. 20-22."

Deputies will stop traffic and conduct various test procedures looking for impaired drivers.

The Sheriff Office does not announce date, time, or location of DUI checkpoints in hopes it will deter those who may drink and drive, or use drugs and drive.

Possible Acid Bombs Close
Central Florida Walmart

PALM BAY, Florida [NMT/WKMG] -- A Central Florida Walmart reopened Wednesday after what was thought to be a possible acid bomb, but turned out to be a school science experiment, was discovered near an entrance of the store, Orlando television station WKMG reported.

A store manager of the Walmart located at 1040 Malabar Road in Palm Bay called police after finding the device, described as two bottles taped together with liquid inside.

Palm Bay police closed the store just after 8:30 a.m., but it reopened at about 10 a.m. after the device was determined to not be a threat.

The Brevard County sheriff’s bomb squad was also called to the store, police said.

The liquid was determined to not be hazardous.

It is not clear if the students who left the bottles will face any charges, WKMG said.



~ Wednesday's Local/State News ~

Man Arrested for Domestic
Battery by Strangulation,
Child Abuse

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- A domestic dispute in front of Chuck E. Cheese, 905 Cortez Road West, on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, at a few minutes before noon brought deputies to the scene.

Jose L. Serrano

According to the arrest report, Jose L. Serrano, 20, of the 1100 block of 60th Avenue West, Bradenton, and a woman named Shimara, live together and have a child in common, as well as another child, who is not Serrano's.

On Sunday, the couple took the children, a 2-year-old female and a 4-year old-boy to Chuck E. Cheese.

While in the parking lot, the couple was involved in a verbal dispute which allegedly became physical when Jose started shoving Shimara towards their car.

Jose grabbed Shimara by the throat and was shoving her to the car by her neck. Jose was also shoving a small child who was with Shimara.

Jose shoved one of the children into the car. Then Jose put Shimara and the other child into the car.

Shimara got out of the car and Jose started grabbing her by the neck again.

Shimara started screaming for help.

Jose would later tell deputies that an unknown man came over and told him he should fight a man, not a woman.

Both Jose and Shimara told deputies there was no physical violence, just a verbal dispute. However, witnesses told deputies a different story.

Jose was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation and Child Abuse.

He posted a $20,000 bail bond the next day and was released from the Manatee County Jail.

Man Arrested for Aggravated
Assault with a Sledgehammer

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested James D. Simpson, 46, of 4922 17th Street East, Bradenton.

James D. Simpson

The arrest report said James is the father of the victim, Walter Lawrence. James' daughter is Lawrence's ex-girlfriend. James was upset because Walter was just released from jail for domestic Battery against James' daughter.

On Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, at about 6:45 p.m., Walter was walking down the driveway to his house in the 5200 block of 16th Street East, Bradenton, taking out the trash.

When Walter approached the end of his driveway, he heard a noise, turned around and saw James holding a small sledgehammer. Walter later told deputies the sledgehammer had a wooden handle that was about 1.5 feet long and had a small metal head.

James started to tell Walter that he was going to kill Walter and started running towards Walter.

Walter was in fear for his life and took off running. He had to cross 53rd Avenue East in heavy traffic to get away from James. Walter had to run down 53rd Avenue, cross back to the north side of the road and then run though the woods to escape James. Walter told deputies he ran because of a prior incident where James attacked him with a butcher knife.

Walter was able to go inside a neighbor's house to call 911.

A witness to the incident gave deputies a sworn affidavit, attesting to the incident's details.

Post Miranda, James said he would have killed Walter if Walter hadn't run. James said when he gets out, he is going to get his .44 and shoot Walter in the head and throw his body in a ditch, the report said.

James Simpson was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault.

Simpson remains in the Manatee County Jail in lieu of a $15,000 bail bond.

Woman Arrested for Residential
Burglary, Striking Victim

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Sara Jane King, 23, of 4215 Riverview Blvd., Bradenton.

Sara Jane King

According to the arrest report, on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009, at about 3 p.m., King was found by an unnamed victim to be inside the residence in the 5000 block of 3rd Avenue West, Bradenton. King appeared to have several items in the pockets of her shorts

The victim attempted to detain King, but King struck the victim in the face and chest, causing no visible injuries, the report said.

King was eventually detained until the arrival of law enforcement.

Upon being searched by deputies, two small blue pills were found, as well as three small orange pills. Deputies also found three items of jewelry in King's shorts. They were all identified by the victim as property taken from the residence.

When questioned, King said she had been invited into the residence by another suspect, who fled the scene prior to the arrival of deputies.

The property found on King was returned to the victim.

King was arrested and charged with Burglary, Battery and two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance without a Prescription.

She posted a $12,000 bail bond and was released from the Manatee County Jail the next day.

Deputy Arrests Man for Having
Open House Parties, Serving
Alcohol to Minors

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Andrew Harris Goethe, 19, of 231 30th Avenue East, Bradenton.

Andrew Harris Goethe

On Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, at about 3 a.m., Deputy Amy Good was called to the above location reference multiple cars parked in the street so that emergency vehicles could not get by.

By way of background information, Deputy Good said she had been called to the house before on two occasions for the same problem.

On Nov. 10th, she was called there and, in the process of investigating, found several juveniles drinking alcohol. A juvenile male came running up to her and said a juvenile male had just been struck by a car. Deputy Good smelled alcohol on the injured boy; the boy had been at the residence above drinking.

Everyone was told to go home.

Several hours later, Deputy Good returned and found the party was still going on. Goethe was warned he and the juveniles were not to possess or consume alcohol.

On Nov. 14, 2009, Deputy Good was called back to the residence reference multiple cars parked on the street that would impede traffic. She found a party was going on again.

There were about 50 juvenile males and females there, with some also smoking marijuana and some drinking alcohol. Goethe was again given a warning about minors and alcohol consumption.

On Sunday, when Deputy Good was called to return, this time she arrested Goethe and charged him with Open House Party with Minors Consuming Alcohol and Possession of Alcohol by a Person Under 21.

Goethe posted a $240 cash bail bond and was released from jail.

Property Caretaker Victim of
Strong Arm Robbery

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported a strong arm robbery on Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, at about 7:30 p.m., in the 5600 block of 15th Street East, Bradenton.

The victim, Allen E. Jones, 53, a White male, is the caretaker of the property at the listed address.

He noticed three Black males looking around cars on the lot and approached to help them.

The Black males began beating the victim, knocking him to the ground.

One of the suspects grabbed the victim's wallet from his pocket. The wallet contained $10 cash and the victim's ID.

All three suspects fled South to 57th Avenue then West.

The victim suffered minor injuries during the incident but refused EMS treatment.

The robbers were described as 3 Black males, approximately 6' tall, wearing all black clothing.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Warrant Sweep Nets Murder
Suspect, 14 Wanted Criminals

SARASOTA COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- A warrant sweep conducted by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday morning, Nov. 17, 2009, convinced a Sarasota murder suspect to turn himself in, and resulted in the arrest of 14 other people wanted on felony charges.

The operation targeted wanted criminals with recently issued warrants.

Participating agencies included the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the United States Marshals Service, Florida Probation & Parole Services, and the Sarasota Police Department.

SPD personnel participating in the operation visited a home listed as a possible residence of 20-year-old Tola Mann, wanted in connection with the shooting death of Garrett Salvhus (See story immediately below this one). Mann was not there, but a short time later he turned himself in to Sarasota Police.

Remaining warrants were for offenses including Burglary, Carjacking, Grand Theft, Credit Card Fraud, sale or delivery of drugs, drug possession and weapons charges.

Two Arrested in Murder of
Boy, 16 Years Old

SARASOTA, Florida [NMT] -- On Sunday, November 15th, Garrett Salvhus (16 years old) was the victim of a Homicide that occurred in the 1600 block of 32nd Street, Sarasota Florida.

Rodney Dawson, Jr.

An autopsy confirmed that Garrett Salvhus died as a result of gunshot injuries and that the death was a Homicide.

On Monday, Nov. 16, 2009, Sarasota Police detectives arrested a juvenile acquaintance of the victim on a charge of Felony Murder. Detectives also obtained an arrest warrant for an adult suspect on a charge of Murder.

The arrested individuals are: Rodney A. Dawson, Jr., 14, charged with Felony Murder; and Tola Latrell Mann, 20, charged with Murder.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2009, the adult suspect voluntarily turned himself in to Sarasota Police.

The investigation is continuing.

Anyone with information regarding the Homicide of Garrett Salvhus is asked to contact the Sarasota Police Department at 941-364-7340.

Charlotte Sheriff Reports 5th
Incident of Personal Water
Craft, Trailer Thefts

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Charlotte County Sheriff’s detectives again warn owners of personal water craft on trailers to be sure they are well secured.

A fifth such theft in the last few months occurred Monday in the 2200 block of Starlite Lane, in Port Charlotte. Both were green and white Yamaha Jet Ski’s, 1995 and 1997 model years.

Detectives said the dual trailer with Florida tag CG392Z was reportedly secured with a heavy chain and padlock which was missing.

Detective Richard Nix said, “Thieves are backing up to a trailer containing a pair of personal water craft, hooking on, and driving away; please take extra precaution in securing these items.”

The following is a list of the other thefts:

July 14: Harbour Heights, a 2002 dual Jet Ski trailer, Florida tag L696GY, with a 2005 Kawasaki JT-12 and a 1998 Yamaha Jet Ski.

July 22: Harbour Heights, a 2001 dual Jet Ski trailer, Florida tag E529BA, with a 2001 Sea-Doo Jet Ski and a 2001 Sea-Doo Jet Ski.

July 28: Port Charlotte, 19500 block of Midway Blvd., a trailer with neon green Kawasaki 500 Jet Ski and a Neon Green Kawasaki 550 Jet Ski.

Aug. 17: Placida area public parking lot, Panama Blvd. and Placida Rd. (C.R.775), a 2000 Sea Doo and a 2008 Sea Doo on a 2008 Triton aluminum trailer.

If you have information about these thefts, please call the CCSO at 941-639-2101 or Charlotte County Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS (8477).

Homophobic Vandalism
Hits Gay Businesses

ORLANDO, Florida [NMT/WKMG] -- Two area gay-owned businesses were vandalized with homophobic messages and symbols Sunday night, Orlando television station WKMG reported.

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Community Center of Central Florida -- more commonly known as The Center -- and a second nearby gay-owned business were targeted by vandals who spray painted with a swastika and the words "Gay Pawer," "Die Fags," "Go To Hell" and other homophobic slurs.

Damage to the two buildings is estimated to be over $1,000.

The Center is currently working to cover the messages on the building to deter additional damage.

Fund raising efforts to install security cameras have been ramped up in the wake of the incident, WKMG said.


~ Tuesday's Local/State News ~

Victim of Armed Robbery,
Assault with Bat, Crow Bar
Has Died, Sheriff Steube Says

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Abraham Lopez, 33, of 5412 18th Street Boulevard East, Bradenton, has passed away from injuries received during an armed robbery on Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009, at about 11:20, at a residence in the 600 block of 61st Avenue East, Bradenton.

Lopez passed away this past Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, at Bayfront Medical Center.

"Subsequent investigation revealed inconsistencies with the original story told to deputies and the case remains under investigation with self defense a possibility," Dave Bristow, spokesman for the sheriff said yesterday.

NewsManatee asked Bristow if this will be classified as a homicide. Bristow replied, "Not if this turns out to be self defense, as we think it will. After our investigation, the results will be forwarded to the State Attorney's Office for a ruling."

The original report of the incident, now in dispute, said Lopez and his friends were at the listed address when they were approached by 6-7 Black males wearing all black clothing.

One of the suspects was carrying a baseball bat; another was carrying a crow bar.

Several of Lopez' friends ran into a nearby house. Lopez and one of his friends remained outside.

The friend went to look for something to defend himself with. When he turned around, he witnessed the suspects punching, kicking and hitting the victim with the bat and crow-bar.

Occupants of the house ran outside to help, causing the suspects to flee.

One of the suspects took the victim's wallet before fleeing.

Some of the suspects fled on foot; others ran to a waiting Green Ford Explorer.

Lopez suffered head trauma and was unable to answer questions. EMS responded and determined the victim's injuries were not life-threatening, but serious enough to Bayflite Lopez.

VCTF responded to assist with the investigation. Crime Scene responded for evidence collection and photographs.

It turns out another man beat Lopez allegedly in self-defense, not 6-7 Black males.

NewsManatee will notify you if Lopez' death becomes the 28th Murder this year overall in Manatee County.

Man Arrested After Attempting
To Dognap Couple's Pet

PALMETTO, Florida [NMT] -- The Palmetto Police Department has arrested William C. Boettner, 39, of 3100 Darnea Lane, Ellenton.

William C. Boettner

According to the arrest report from PPD, on Friday, Nov. 13, 2009, at about 9 a.m., Boettner went to his wife's house in the 1700 block of 14th Avenue West, Palmetto.

The report said they haven't lived together since July of 2009.

His wife's brother, the victim in this incident, who lives at the same house, walked out the front door to take out the garbage.

At that point, Boettner went into the house behind his wife's brother, went to his wife's room and took the dog he and his wife shared.

His wife yelled at him that he couldn't take the dog, the report said.

But Boettner continued and walked out the front door.

His wife's brother and Boettner started yelling at each other. The brother was carrying a 4-5 foot 30-pound pry bar and threw it at Boettner, as Boettner lunged at him.

Boettner threw the 4-6 pound dog at the brother.

The men fought, then separated. The brother tried to get into the house when Boettner attacked him again, the report said.

When Boettner let him go, the brother went into the house, presumably with the dog; the report didn't say.

Boettner was arrested that same day a couple of hours later at Manatee Memorial Hospital, in the 200 block of 2nd Street West, in Bradenton. He apparently kicked an officer during the arrest. When officers tried to arrest Boettner, they had to Taser him 3 times to gain compliance.

Boettner was charged with Burglary and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

He was released on his own recognizance, supervised, from the Manatee County Jail.

Bradenton Beach Man
Arrested for Child Abuse

BRADENTON BEACH, Florida [NMT] -- The Bradenton Beach Police Department has arrested Roger T. Guthrie, 43, of 1107 Gulf Drive North, Bradenton Beach.

Roger T. Guthrie

According to the arrest report, on Friday, November 13, 2009, at about 4:30 p.m., Guthrie was angry with his son (no age given) who got suspended over the boy being caught stealing other children's play money at school.

Guthrie proceeded to physically strike the boy by spanking him with his bare open hand.

Guthrie spanked the victim on his buttocks area, which left visible marks (bruises) on the boy's left buttocks area, down the left leg and lower part of his back.

The boy had grabbed hold of Guthrie's belt during the spanking and "due to the boy's squirming," he let got of Guthrie's belt, causing him to fall forward on his face, which caused a visible bruise, the report said.

Photos of the boys bruises were taken by Child Protective Services, who also investigated the incident.

While being interviewed by Bradenton Beach Police, Guthrie admitted spanking the boy, but "did not realize how hard he was actually spanking [the boy] until after seeing the photos."

Guthrie was arrested on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009, at about 2:30 p.m. and transported to the Manatee County Jail, charged with Child Abuse with Physical Injury.

He posted a $1,000 bail bond the next day and was released from jail.

Two Adults, Cat Displaced
After Condo Fire Sunday

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue reported a blaze erupted in the bedroom of a condo at 136 Pine Needle Drive West, Bradenton, on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009, at about 5 p.m.

Three fire engines, one ladder truck, a Battalion Chief and one EMS ambulance responded to the fire. The first units arrived about 4 minutes after being dispatched, CHFR Battalion Chief Al Lobeto said in a press release.

Fire attack, search and rescue and ventilation operations were conducted and the fire was brought under control at 5:17 p.m.

The fire was contained to a bedroom; however, the rest of the condo sustained heavy smoke damage. No other condos were damaged.

The fire was determined to be accidental by Cedar Hammock Fire Marshal Jeff Hoyle.

Damage to the structure and contents was estimated at $80,000.

No firefighters or civilians were injured.

Two adult occupants of the fire unit were displaced due to the severity of the fire damage.

One cat was rescued from the condo fire.

Mark Your Calendars: Antique
Toy Exhibit To Open Nov. 28th

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- On Saturday, November 28, 2009, the Manatee County Historical Commission will unveil a special exhibit just for the holiday season. Entitled “Once Upon a Toy,” the display features antique and vintage toys dating from the 1850s to the 1950’s. Volunteer, Vic Reiling, former toy designer for Fisher Price Toys helped to design the exhibit.

Above, the 1940's Humphreymobile, a windup toy

It includes tin wind-up toys, wooden toys, play sets, cars, trucks, paper dolls, and many other interesting varieties of toys all in wonderful condition. Of special note is an 1850’s version of an in-line skate. The collection also includes a tin windup toy called the Humphreymobile made in the 1940s and 50s. It is named for Humphrey who was a friend of comic character boxer Joe Palooka. Come celebrate the holiday season by seeing the kinds of toys children of yesteryear would dream of finding under their Christmas tree.

From a set of Buster Brown paper dolls to a Mickey Mouse in firefighter gear climbing a ladder to an early version of a spirograph, called the Wondergraph, children of all ages will enjoy this new exhibit. In addition, a special interactive guide book will be available to enhance the understanding of the past for younger visitors. Admission is free.

Manatee Village Historical Park is located at 1404 Manatee Avenue East, Bradenton, just south of State Road 64. Park hours are Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 4:30 PM and the second and fourth Saturdays of the month from 9 AM – 4:30 PM. The park will be closed December 24-27, 2009 and January 1, 2010. For additional information contact Phaedra Rehorn or Dean Dixon at (941) 741-4075, or or

Bank Robbery Reported
in Sarasota County

SARASOTA COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an armed bank robbery at Landmark Bank, 8444 S. Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.

Above, surveillance photo from Landmark Bank

The Sheriff’s Office received an alarm call just before 10 a.m. Monday morning, Nov. 16, 2009.

The suspect is described as a White male, between 5’2” – 5’6” tall, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black boots. He wore some sort of fabric covering his face.

The suspect was last seen on foot leaving the parking lot.

The investigation continues.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Det. Jarek Szalbirak in Criminal Investigations at 941-861-1719 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 941-366-TIPS (8477), online at or via text message by texting TIP109 plus a message to CRIMES (274637).

Sarasota's Operation Medicine
Cabinet Called a Success

SARASOTA COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight is hailing this weekend’s Operation Medicine Cabinet™ as a success.

Nearly 350 people turned in 277 pounds of unused and expired medications at six locations throughout Sarasota County.

“It was gratifying to hear that citizens felt this event was a great service,” said Sheriff Knight. “Many people commented that they had held onto their prescriptions for years, not knowing how to safely discard them without negatively impacting the environment.

“Based on the overwhelming response, we will certainly hold medication turn-in events in the future and explore other options for proper disposal,” Sheriff Knight added.

Sheriff Knight also thanked Walgreens for supporting this initiative, allowing the Sheriff’s Office to set up at five stores and providing $5 gift cards to each person who dropped off medications.

Officers from the Sarasota Police Department, Venice Police Department, North Port Police Department and Longboat Key Police Department also assisted this effort.

Toddler Dies After Fall
From Window

ORLANDO, Florida [NMT/WKMG] -- Orlando television station WKMG reported Orange County deputies said an 18-month-old boy has died after falling out of a first-floor window Sunday night.

Orange County deputies went to a home at 3209 McEwan Lane at about 8 p.m. after the boy fell out the window, which is about 3 feet from the ground.

The boy, one of four children inside the home, was being cared for by a baby sitter, who told investigators that she put the child to bed and checked on him about 20 minutes later, but he was gone.

The screen to the window was missing, and the baby sitter, who is in her early 20s, found the child outside, investigators said.

According to deputies, the foster father had just returned home at the time of the incident and took the boy inside the home while he waited for paramedics.

After dialing 911, the father was given CPR instructions, but the toddler was still unresponsive, deputies said.

Orange County paramedics took the child to Arnold Palmer Hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Neighbors said the family takes in special needs children, although it's not known if the boy who died was a special needs child.

An autopsy will determine the boy's cause of death, WKMG said.


~ Monday's Local/State News ~

Teenager Arrested for Burglary,
Theft of Rifle from Myakka City
Residence; Caught On Scene

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Buddy Hall, 18, of 15030 Albritton Court, Myakka City, Florida.

Buddy Hall

According to the arrest report, on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009, at about 6 a.m., David Kersey, of the 40200 block of Clay Gully Road, Myakka City, returned home.

As Kersey was driving up the driveway, he saw Buddy Hall walking from behind his home.

When Kersey confronted Budy, Buddy told Kersey that the reason he was at the home was he saw a suspicious vehicle in the driveway and felt he should check the home for Kersey.

Kersey left in search of the alleged suspect vehicle, even though he felt the vehicle story was a lie, he later told deputies.

After Kersey went on his search, Buddy Hall forcibly entered the back door by using a screwdriver. Once inside, Buddy took a .22 caliber Hornet rifle, then fled the home and started to walk toward his home.

While walking down the road, Buddy Hall's father saw him carrying the gun and stopped his son. Hall's father asked Buddy where he got the gun. Buddy would not tell his dead, so his dad took the gun and said he would find out who owned the gun. Hall let his son go on his way.

After being let go by his father, Buddy returned to Kersey's home and entered it a second time.

Meanwhile, Kersey returned home while Buddy was still inside.

Kersey told deputies that as soon as he entered the home he knew someone else was inside because he could smell cigarette smoke.

Kersey found Buddy hiding in the laundry room.

After Buddy was found, Kersey walked Buddy out to his (Kersey's) truck.

As Kersey was about to bring Buddy to his father, his father came driving down the driveway. Mr. Hall produced the rifle from his truck and asked it if was Kersey's. Kersey determined that it was his and he took possession of it.

Law enforcement was called and deputies arrested Buddy for Armed Burglary.

As of Saturday, Buddy Hall remained in the Manatee County Jail in lieu of a bail bond of $5,000.

Woman Arrested for Trafficking in
Illegal Narcotics Following
Traffic Stop by BPD

BRADENTON, Florida [NMT] -- The Bradenton Police Department has arrested Alana Elizabeth Brunda, 20, of 1907 5th Street West, Bradenton.

Alana Elizabeth Brunda

According to the arrest report from BPD, on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009, at about 11:55 p.m., two undercover Bradenton Police Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 2000 block of 5th Street West, for a broken taillight.

Both the unnamed driver and his passenger, Brunda, gave permission to be searched. The driver also gave permission to have his vehicle searched.

A search of the driver and vehicle turned up nothing.

However, a search of Brunda yielded Soma pills in a Xanax bottle.

Brunda was unable to provide the officers of proof of a prescription for the Soma pills.

She was arrested and charged with Trafficking in Illegal Narcotics, 14-28 grams.

Alana Brunda remains in the Manatee County Jail on a bail bond of $25,000.

Two Tire Stores Burglarized,
One Man Arrested

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office has arrested Trinidad Vasconcelo, 60, of the 500 block of 31st Avenue East, Bradenton.

Trinidad Vasconcelo

A sheriff's report said patrol units were dispatched to an alarm call for Tires Plus, 7115 State Road 70 East, Bradenton, and the Watch Unit (sheriff's helicopter) attached.

The Watch Unit observed a truck parked behind the business and with two tires in the back of the truck. The truck then left Tires Plus and drove to Tire Kingdom, 7390 52nd Place East, Bradenton.

A man, later identified as Vasconcelo, exited the truck, walked over to a fenced-in dumpster and opened the door. Vasconcelo began separating tires into stacks and then drove away.

A few minutes later he returned, loaded 10 tires into the bed of the truck and drove away.

A traffic stop was initiated on the truck and Vasconcelo was arrested.

He initially gave the false name of Armando Ugarte.

Post Miranda, Vasconcelo admitted to taking the tires and said he was going to resell them at his garage.

He was charged with two counts of Burglary, No Valid Driver License, Obstruction by Disguise (false name), and an additional charge for Contempt of Court for not responding to a summons for driving on No Valid Driver License.

He remains in the Manatee County Jail in lieu of a bail bond of $12,870.

Man Allegedly Shot in Foot During
Attempted Armed Robbery

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported a shooting on Friday, Nov. 13, 2009, at about 2 a.m., in the 1200 block of 57th Avenue West, Bradenton.

Robert Mackey, 20, claims to have been walking in the 1200 block of 57th Avenue West when he was approached by a Black male.

The Black male pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim. Mackey slapped the suspect's gun downward, he said. The suspect fired twice, striking Mackey once in his left foot, he told deputies.

Mackey fled to his car which was parked in Pescara Lakes MHP. The suspect fled into Fountain Lakes Apts.

Mackey then drove himself to a friend's home in the 5900 block of 1st Street East, rather than calling Law Enforcement from his cell phone.

The friend's girlfriend later drove him to the hospital.

VCTF responded and conducted an interview with the alleged victim, Mackey.

Mackey was confronted with discrepancies in his story and became uncooperative by refusing to talk to VCTF further. He also refused to allow law enforcement to search his vehicle.

A unit was sent to locate the crime scene with negative results.

Mackey's shoe was collected as evidence.

Mackey's injury is not life threatening.

The alleged shooter was described by Mackey as being a Black male in his 20s, 5'10" tall, 155-160 pounds, and was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black hoodie and a beanie cap.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Woman Punched, Robbed at
Gunpoint at Friend's Home

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported an armed robbery on Friday, Nov. 13, 2009, at about 2:40 a.m., at a residence in the 5900 block of 1st Street East, Bradenton.

The report said Rebecca Hartley, a White female, stated that she was called by a friend to go play cards at the above address. She and her friend Ceaira Singletary went to the residence.

After they were there for a while, one of the occupants in the home punched Rebecca in the face, knocking her to the ground.

He then pulled out an old, silver, small caliber handgun and demanded her money.

The robber took the victim's money ($180) and cell phone before kicking them out of the home.

Rebecca told deputies she drove straight home where she notified the sheriff's office.

Nothing was taken from Ceaira and she was not struck.

VCTF was notified of the incident.

There was no activity at the home when we responded.

Rebecca's injury did not require EMS.

The robber was described as a Black male in his 20s, 5'10" tall, 190 pounds, w/short dreads. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black jacket and a black shirt.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Crime Trend: HIgh Priced Lawn
Equipment Being Stolen

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Manatee County Sheriff's Office reported a crime trend in which high priced lawn equipment is being stolen.

A sheriff's report said on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009, at about 2:10 a.m., Colony Cove security noticed that the gate leading to their fenced-in maintenance area in the 3300 block of Victory Rd., in Ellenton, was standing open.

Security drove just a few feet into the open fence and found a lawn maintenance truck with both doors open. No persons were seen in the area. Security called the sheriff's office.

Deputies responded and found the gate lock was cut and the ignition was punched on the truck. This truck belonged to Dobson Wood and Water, who is contracted to landscape Colony Cove. The company could not be contacted at the early hour.

K-9 attempted a track with negative results.

Hours later, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office found a separate truck belonging to Dobson Wood and Water abandoned in their jurisdiction.

The company was finally reached during business hours and reported that the truck found in Hillsborough was stolen from Colony Cove and it had lawn equipment in it. The lawn equipment was missing from the abandoned truck.

A similar incident happened on Nov. 2, 2009, at Greenbriar Landscaping, 11850 US 301 North, in which a storage garage was broken into. A truck and lawn equipment valued at $65,000 were taken in that incident.

Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the Manatee County Sheriff's Office at (941) 747-3011 or CrimeStoppers at 1-866-634-TIPS (8477) -- or, to provide an anonymous e-Tip by computer, .

Callers to the CrimeStoppers tip line and Tipsters who submit e-Tips by computer will remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

High Speed Chase in Palmetto
Leads to Pinellas County;
Two Young Men Busted

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- When the Manatee County Sheriff's Office Violent Crimes Task Force (VCTF) attempted to arrest two young men on warrants Saturday night, Nov. 14, 2009, they were met with an attempt on the part of the two troublemakers to flee and a high speed chase ensued.

VCTF received information that RH, a 15-year-old juvenile, and Lashay Cooper, 20, would be at the "Hall" nightclub in Palmetto Friday evening. RH had eight warrants for his arrest, to include: Escape, Burglary, Grand Theft, five additional misdemeanor warrants out of Manatee County and two Traffic Warrants out of Sarasota County. Cooper had a Grand Theft Auto Warrant out of Manatee.

At a few minutes past midnight on Saturday, RH and Cooper arrived at the "Hall" in a dark silver Saab SUV, which was reported stolen out of Sarasota County (Longboat Key).

VCTF and Palmetto Police attempted to stop the vehicle when it parked, but it fled at a high rate of speed.

VCTF and Patrol units initiated a pursuit north through Palmetto and over the Skyway Bridge into Pinellas County.

While on the Skyway Bridge the, vehicle attempted to ram an FHP Trooper who had engaged in the pursuit.

The vehicle came to a stop at Exit 16 and I-275 after the two passenger side tires had shredded off.

Both RH and Cooper were taken into custody without further incident.

RH was charged with Aggravated Fleeing to Elude, Grand Theft Auto, Resisting Arrest without Violence, and No Valid D. L, in addition to the eight arrest warrants.

Cooper was arrested on an outstanding warrant for Grand Theft Auto.

Both subjects were booked into the Pinellas County Jail.

Man Murdered in Sarasota,
Sarasota Police Say

SARASOTA, Florida [NMT] -- Sarasota Police are investigating a Homicide that occurred on Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009. 

At approximately 11:15 a.m., officers responded to the 1600 block of 32nd Street. 

Officers observed the victim inside a residence. 

The victim had apparently suffered gunshot injuries and had sought refuge in a home in the 1600 block of 32nd Street. 

The victim died as a result of the injuries and the death is being investigated as a Homicide.

TThe victim has been identified as Garrett Brian Salvhus, 16-years-old.  Garrett Salvhus resided in Sarasota with a home address in the 5000 block of David Avenue.

The victim’s death was as a result of injuries caused by gunshot(s), Capt. Paul Sutton, of the Sarasota Police Department, said yesterday.

Anyone with information regarding the Homicide of Garrett Brian Salvhus is asked to contact the Sarasota Police Department at 941-364-7340.

Sarasota County Sheriff Probes
Friday Morning Shooting

SARASOTA COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that occurred on Friday, Nov. 13, 2009.

Deputies received a call at 8:42 a.m. advising them of an injured woman at 3133 40th Street in Sarasota.

A FedEx driver found a white female in front of the residence suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

The victim’s name is Kimberly Cooper, 39, of the above address.

She was airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center where she was undergoing treatment.

The investigation is ongoing.

There is no information on a suspect at this time.

Charlotte Cops Bust Four Men
From Undercover Drug Stings

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Florida [NMT] -- Charlotte County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit detectives rounded up four Port Charlotte men who sold Roxicodone pills to undercover detectives.

Arrested were Michael P. Bulkowski, 30, and John Michael Rackl, 51, who both live at 22417 Catherine Ave.; Christopher R. Morris, 32, 3310 Loveland Blvd.; and Jeremy Allen Miller, 27, 21234 Stillwater Ave. FDLE tests came back this week confirming the pills were Roxicodone.

Narcotics detectives said Bulkowski was arrested for an undercover operation Oct. 23. He was charged with Sale and Delivery of Roxicodone within 1,000 feet of a County Park (Audubon Park, 1153 Alton Rd., Port Charlotte), Possession of Roxicodone, and Possession of Narcotics Paraphernalia.

Morris sold Roxicodone pills to undercover detectives Aug. 5 and charged with Drug Trafficking in Roxicodone.

Rackl and Miller were part of an undercover sting operation Oct. 8. Each was charged with Sale and Delivery of Roxicodone, and Possession of Roxicodone.

All four remain in the Charlotte County Jail.

Records show Miller has 12 bookings with 34 records; Bulkowski, 13 bookings and 32 records; Rackl, seven bookings and 12 records; and Morris six bookings and six records.

If you have information about illegal drug activity, please call the CCSO Narcotics Unit at 941-575-2157, or Charlotte County Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS (8477).

Body Found In Trash Can;
Two Men Arrested

HOLLY HILL, Florida [NMT/WKMG] -- Orlando television station WKMG reported authorities arrested two men after a man's body was found in a garbage can in a Holly Hill neighborhood.

The body of 41-year-old Terry Williams, of Daytona Beach, was found just after 7 p.m. Thursday in a trash can near a house on Graham Avenue in Holly Hill.

Williams was shot once in the chest with a large caliber handgun, and he died instantly, according to an autopsy.

Holly Hill police arrested Erick Jerard Oliver, 25, of Holly Hill on manslaughter charges. Tony Lebrond Williams, 42, who is not related to the victim, was charged as an accessory.

Police said Oliver pointed a gun that he did not think was loaded at the victim and Tony Williams helped him dispose of the body.

According to police, neighbors heard two gunshots Thursday night and called 911.

Holly Hill police officers responded and found Williams' body in the garbage can, WKMG said.


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